ALL images created and supplied by Brian Jones T/A Kimroy Photography are Copyright. Images may not be reproduced or copied by any means without the express permission of Brian Jones T/A Kimroy Photography. Copyright ownership extends to seventy years after the death of the copyright owner.

The conditions for the supply of digital files and paper based photographs are as follows.

To supply digital files:
1: Purchased files may be used for your own personal use and cannot be reproduced or published in any form without the written consent of the copyright holder, i.e. Brian Jones T/A Kimroy Photography.

1a: Images copied from Kimroy Photography galleries is theft. Each occurrence of theft (each individual image is an occurence) will be charged at £30.00. You will be invoiced for £30.00 per image. If you acknowledge your act of theft within seven days of receiving the invoice the fee per image will be reduced to £10.00 per image. Failure to pay the invoice will result in a County Court summons being issued. In all cases the images MUST be removed from wherever you have published them

2: Your full name, address and telephone number must be submitted with each order for digital files. You may pay by cash, credit card or cheque.

3: Usually, there will be no additional fee to be paid for use in your own club magazine, your personal web site or on the official club web site. However, written permission MUST be obtained BEFORE such use and a copy of the magazine MUST be sent to me. A credit (Photography by MUST be printed under each image in the club magazine and credit with a link to my web site if used on your personal web site or the official club web site. Failure to abide by these regulations may result in a fee of £30.00 for each use of the image. I also require the address of the web site.

4: The file(s) may be sent to commercial publications for use in magazines (They will need a 300dpi file) on the understanding that you tell them before submission that the file is Kimroy Photography copyright. The file may be used on payment of an additional, minimum reproduction fee of £30 per use. The fee due must be agreed with the publisher before publication. I.e. use on a cover or whole page will be more than £30. If you submit the file to a commercial publisher, you must tell Kimroy Photography that you are going to do so, quoting the reference number of the file and to whom it is being submitted and a copy of the covering letter sent with the file. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in YOU having to pay any unpaid reproduction fees.

5: The file may be submitted to your local newspaper with the conditions in section 4 applicable with one change: the reproduction fee is £20.00 per picture per insertion per newspaper title.
The file may be used in a book. Reproduction fees will be negotiated for each individual publication but will be a minimum of £30.00 plus a copy of the book.

6: Copyright conditions also apply to paper based photographs supplied by Kimroy Photography.

7: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may a Kimroy Photography image be used for commercial advertising, news feature or in any way to promote a commercial company without a fee having been agreed. Failure to comply will result in an invoice for £1000.00. If the image is obtained by illegal means, a further £1000.00 may be invoiced. Criminal and civil prosecutions may also be pursued through the Courts.

If you have purchased a paper based photograph it may be scanned for your own personal use on your personal web site or the club web site without additional fees being due. Condition 3 apply.

If you submit a paper based photograph to a magazine or book publisher condition 4 and 5 apply.

If you have purchased an image and subsequently wish to use it for promotion of a commercial enterprise, condition 7 apply.

Brian Jones - January 2015

I have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated above. I realise that infringement of copyright is theft and is a criminal offence. A prosecution may result in a substantial fine and/or a custodial sentence.